1 day - 3 dives boat safari



When people think of wrecks in the Red Sea, the one that perhaps most comes to mind is that of the SS Thistlegorm.
It is one of the world’s most famous wreck dives. The wreck rests at 35 m and rises up to 18 m below the surface, perfectly positioned for divers to explore.
It was a 131 metre WWII British army supply ship with a carrying capacity of 9,009 tons. It was equipped with a 120 mm cannon, an anti-aircraft machine gun mounted on a tower and a transportable heavy machine gun.
The Thistlegorm is a British ship which was attacked by the Germans in October 1940. By the light of the full moon the German pilots spotted the convoy and decided to attack the ship which appeared to be carrying the biggest cargo. The SS Thistlegorm sank quickly due to the heavy load it was carrying, but only nine people died in the attack. It was only the ship’s fourth mission
The first person to dive the wreck recreationally was the famous Jacques Cousteau in 1956, inventor of scuba diving as we pretty much know it today. Since the 1990s it has been a favourite spot for divers travelling to the Red Sea.
Today, some thirty metres below the surface, the SS Thistlegorm is still packed with war equipments: rifles, motorcycles, aircraft wings, four railway wagons, Bedford trucks, Morris cars, tires, Wellington boots, ammunition, two small tanks, and various communication equipments. Much remains despite plundering the occurred when the wreck was rediscovered for recreational divers some decades ago.
Over the years, the sea has transformed the wreck into a great artificial reef encrusted with breathtaking had and soft corals and ha become a sanctuary for a number of Red Sea creatures. The depth plus the incredible size of the wreck, make it an ideal dive.



The safari leaves Dahab around 3:00 am. arriving 1 hour later in Sharm Port to board the boat. We depart for the wreck, which is identified by GPS and sonic depth finder.
The guide usually moors the boat by tying a cable to 1 of the huge structures on the main deck of the wreck. Doing 2 dives - 1 outside the wreck and 1 inside.
It is difficult to say how many dives are needed to explore the wreck completely, there are so many thrilling things to see that nobody ever wants to leave the wreck behind. After making the 2 dives, a buffet lunch is served, as the boat moves back to Ras Mohammed, to do a 3rd relaxed dive at Sharks Reef and Yolanda. The boat returns to Sharm and then it is back to Dahab by car.

Tour Includes:

- Transfer from and to your hotel in Dahab
- Local dive guide
- 2 awesome wrack dives at Thistelgorm
- 1 dive in Ras Mohamed
- Lunch & water
- Full diving equipment
Equipment you'll use during the dives includes: mask, fins, snorkel, tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and exposure protection as required by the local environment.

Tour Excludes:

- Any extras not mentioned above


Tour Notes:

- This trip runs daily
- Start time: 3:00
- Finish time: 18:00

 - A ‘whole-Egypt’ visa is required to visit the Ras Mohamed National Park


Diving requirement:
- Before the dive the divers have to identify us with their diving certification ( an Advanced PADI Openwater) and logbook. We accept all international diving certifications. If your last dive was more than 6 months before, we require a refresher dive before the safari.
- Diving is a sport that requires a good physical and mental health. Please download the medical statement. This form you fill in with your instructor on the spot. However, read the statement carefully beforehand and in case of doubt, or if you have any questions answered with YES, you need to consult a physician. Let him or her sign the statement for your specific problem if he or she declares you fit for diving. This will prevent delays in Dahab and your dive!
- For all groups who dive with us, we supply a dive guide. The guide is required by Egyptian law for safety reasons. He is responsible for tanks, timing, transfer, safety and for you having a good time!

Tour Price:

180 Euro/ person

Minimum 2 person required for booking

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Please note that a deposite 10 Euros Per Person should be paid

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