1 day diving trip in Dahab - 2 dives


Dive the Canyon and the Blue Hole - the two best spots in Dahab. Be prepared for unforgettable experience!


In the morning pick up from your hotel and leave towards the Canyon. The Canyon is a a deep crack in the sea floor that was formed by an earthquake in the Gulf of Aqaba. This dive appeals most to those who love cavern diving. It is a 30 m dive into the seabed with an amazing view upward from the inside. The clear blue water runs into the crack at the bottom of the sea and takes you back up into the "fishbowl". The hollow coral pinnacle is home to hundreds of Glassfish that swim around you while you're in there. Stretch out your hands towards them and they will swim away from you in one big movement, to come back soon after that to reclaim their place in the fishbowl. After the Canyon you will be transferred ahead to Blue Hole site, where you will prepare for the second dive of the day. Without a doubt Blue Hole a world famous site for advanced divers. The dive starts up the coast a bit at the Bells, a big crack in the coral wall with a straight drop to 26 m, coming under an archway at the end. Following the enormous (and virtually bottomless) coral wall to the south you will encounter unspoiled corals, overhangs and many different types of marine life. Crossing the so called "saddle" will take you into the famous Blue Hole itself. The coral inside the hole has suffered due to the large amounts of snorkelers, but the dive and the deep blue water of the hole will make your heart pound.

Tour Includes:

- Transfer from and to your hotel in Dahab
- Local dive guide
- 2 awesome open water dives
- Full diving equipment
Equipment you'll use during the dives includes: mask, fins, snorkel, tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and exposure protection as required by the local environment.

Tour Excludes:

- Any extras not mentioned above
- Food, drinks, personal items


Tour Notes:

- This trip runs daily.
- Start time: 8:00
- Finish time: 13:00

Diving Requirement:
- Before the dive the divers have to identify us with their diving certification and logbook. We accept all international diving certifications. If your last dive was more than 6 months before, we require a refresher dive before the safari.
- Diving is a sport that requires a good physical and mental health. Please download the medical statement. This form you will fill in with your instructor on the spot. However, read the statement carefully beforehand and in case of doubt, or if you have any questions answered with YES, you need to consult a physician. Let him or her sign the statement for your specific problem if he or she declares you fit for diving. This will prevent delays in Dahab and your dive!
- For all groups who dive with us, we supply a dive guide. The guide is required by Egyptian law for safety reasons. He is responsible for tanks, timing, transfer, safety and for you having a good time!

Tour Price:

60 Euro/ person

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